• Inspired and designed by our famous French designer, Kenneth LeRoy, this streamlined backpack offers detailed construction, true hands-free convenience, and functionality. Perfect for both on-the-go mom and dad.
  • This structured backpack has spacious interiors, accentuated with a wide-opening mouth, allowing you to see all of your contents clearly.
  • Multiple pockets, reliable zip-top closure, and adjustable padded straps.
  • This bag has a total of 13 pockets, interior and exterior, for your organizing needs.
  • This bag can also be hung neatly on a baby stroller with the included pair of stroller straps.
  • Also comes with our nice cushioned changing pad, and our compact diaper bag dispenser with 30-count of refillable plastic bags, which conveniently clips to the main diaper bag for busy moms.

Metropolitan Diaper Bag Backpack, 6 Piece Set

SKU: dbmetropolitan
  • Becoming a parent changes everything, right?  And yet, no matter how many times you hear it - before becoming a parent, you don't fully understand. Until you meet your perfect, demanding, beautiful “I-had-no-idea-I-could-love-like-this- but-why-won’t-you-let-me-sleeeeeep” baby, face to face- you really have no idea. And that’s ok, nobody does.


    That's why we at Soho Babies are here to help. Don't doubt yourself, you are the perfect parent for your baby. Arm yourself with right tools that don't break the bank... you've got this!


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