• Two thermal insulated pockets with elastic openings slow down the rate of temperature loss and can hold a variety of bottle types.
  • Splash-proof nanofabric will keep your baby’s items dry during unexpected rain.
  • There is plenty of room for whatever baby products you want to bring, even a breast pump fits easily.
  • With 10 years of market reputation, our brand has served over 10 million mothers.

Kenneth Diaper Bag Backpack

SKU: SC-1105
  • This bag comes with 5 accessories:

    1. Cushioned changing pad.
    2. Pair of stroller straps.
    3. Personal purse with zippered closure for on-the-go mom.
    4. Compact diaper bag dispenser case with hook to the main diaper bag for busy moms.
    5. Thirty-count of refillable plastic bags which can be conveniently pulled for any dirty or wet items.